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Why Trust Us As Your Veterinarian?

At our state-of-the-art animal hospital in Lethbridge, our team of veterinary professionals works cooperatively to ensure we proactively anticipate and meet your pet's health needs. 

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Our highly skilled, Fear Free certified team loves pets. 

Our veterinary team is all Fear Free certified, working together to provide welcoming, compassionate and expert care to even the most nervous or frightened pet.

Our Vets

We offer a comprehensive range of services. 

We offer a wide range of services, from puppy & kitten care to vaccinations, geriatric and dental care. From the first moment you bring your puppy or kitten home, through to their golden years, we are dedicated to providing caring and comprehensive services to you and your four-legged family member.  

Our Services

We use a wide range of advanced diagnostic testing and imaging.

Whether we recommend our in-house lab or external processing lab, we are provided diagnostic information to help our team provide your pet with the best treatment plan.

Veterinary Laboratory

We focus on preventive services to prioritize your pet's long-term health.

Our veterinary team at Park Pet Hospital firmly believe that preventative and routine veterinary care is the cornerstone to our patients' long term health and happiness. We strongly encourage all of our clients to bring their pet in to visit us on a regular basis for both wellness exams and vaccinations.  

Wellness Exams        Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Our in-house pharmacy makes renewing your pet's prescriptions easier than ever. 

Consider us your go-to stop for conveniently renewing your pet's prescriptions while you are visiting us for your pet's appointment. From prescription diets to medications, our veterinarians provide for your pet's needs with knowledge and care.

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