Important Information For Clients Regarding COVID-19 Virus

We’re committed to keeping our clients and staff safe during COVID-19. We will be following a strict admission and check out process. Please call our clinic at (403) 328-0028 for more details

Curbside Veterinary Care: What to Expect

Whether you have taken your pet for a veterinary visit recently or plan to do so in the future, we understand there may be some questions around what you can expect for your pet’s curbside veterinary appointment. Rest assured we are taking all precautions and putting processes in place to keep you and your pet safe and comfortable. To help you prepare for your appointment, we want to share what the process will look like and what you can expect to happen when you arrive.

While various veterinary hospitals may have slightly different processes and protocols for curbside care, the general pattern usually entails the following:

  • You call the veterinary hospital to let them know you have arrived.
  • The veterinary team member will greet you and your pet at the door and confirm contact information.
  • The veterinary team performs a thorough physical examination on your pet. Your concerns and your pet’s medical history are thoroughly reviewed with the veterinarian during your pet’s exam.
  • Depending on the type of appointment you booked, you may be asked to wait in the car during your pet’s visit or you may be given a pick-up time later in the day, in which case you are free to leave the parking lot.
  • The veterinarian or veterinary technician calls with an update on your pet’s health, explains any treatment or medication that may be required, and provides a treatment plan for recommended services or medication.
  • After you have given authorization, any necessary diagnostics and treatments are performed.
  • Your pet is returned to you, your payment is processed, and you receive any required medications or products for your pet. At this point, the veterinarian or veterinary technician may communicate any additional details about administering medication and the side effects to watch out for.
  • If food or medication is ordered in advance, payment can be processed over the phone for a faster service with pet food pick-up or medication
  • Here is a helpful tip: If you would like to bring a written letter for the veterinary team, that can also be a great way to help convey detailed information.

We understand curbside care does offer some unique challenges, but it is truly in the best interest of you, your pet, and the entire veterinary team as we work together to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Thank you for all your dedication and support during these challenging times! Please reach out with any questions.

- The Park Pet Hospital Team

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